Stairs and These Exercises Are All You Need to Build Rock Hard Muscles

We often look around for equipment to optimize our workouts, but stairs may actually provide some of the best workouts possible. It is important to find the right stairs to work out on, as not all stairs are safe or ideal for all of the following exercises. The best stairs should be at least eight or nine inches long to provide plenty of room for your foot and should have a decent depth of about six inches per stair. The slope should also not be too steep that your posture suffers.

Basic Climb

stair climbing

Just walking up stairs can strengthen your calves, thighs, glutes, and core. To put a little more oomph into it, however, you can start off slow to warm up and gradually increase your pace. Lift your legs as high as possible to get a good workout on your lower abs and glutes. After your legs feel warm, you may wish to add a little speed and jog or run up and down the stairs.

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