Split Wood to Build Arm Strength


Chopping wood can be a great workout that helps you to build whole body strength and gets your heart pumping. If you have a fireplace or outdoor pit, chopped wood will be useful all through the cold months, so setting a regimen for yourself to get a half an hour or so of chopping time in per day can really help you get or stay in shape and strengthen the muscles in your arms, abs, back, and legs.

Use a Proper Chopping Technique

When chopping wood, it is important to maintain a proper position so that you do not injure yourself. Lift the logs and the axe with knees bend and weight distributed evenly between your feet. Bring the axe down in a controlled motion and follow through on the swing so that impact does not jar your nerves or joints. Be sure to wear safety glasses and heavy pants so that stray debris does not injure your skin.

Warm Up First

To mitigate soreness and get the most from your workout, make sure to warm up adequately. Taking a quick jog, perhaps to get the wood to split, can help you to loosen up the joints and get the muscles warm. Squats may help you to get prepared for bending over to place and chop the wood. Jumping jacks may also help to loosen everything up and get you warm fast.

Cool Down

After chopping wood, a cool down can further help you to avoid soreness. Simply pulling one arm straight across your chest, then switching and pulling the other arm straight across to the other side can help you to avoid shoulder soreness and can prevent the muscles from tightening and clenching. Bending backwards gently may help you to avoid stiffness in your spine.


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