Sip These Beverages Before Your Strength Training Session

Exercising on a completely empty stomach is not great for your muscles and can affect your metabolism, slowing down the burn of calories. However, going to the gym on a full stomach can be uncomfortable and embarrassing and may hinder your progress. Waiting the exact perfect amount of time to go after a meal can be difficult, too. Instead of any of these sub-par solutions, drink one of these healthy beverages before your strength training session to get great results and feel good while doing it.

Coconut Water with Spiralina

coco water spirulina

Coconut water is a great pre or post workout drink because of the electrolyte content and adding spirulina adds even more electrolytes, protein, B vitamins, and amino acids. In spite of the whopping dose of nutrients, the drink is clear and light, so it will feel like you are drinking nothing more than water. Drink it really cold for the best flavor.

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