Resolve to Strength Train


It’s that time of year again, where everyone is starting to think about what they will resolve to do in the New Year. Quit smoking, lose weight, these are all super common resolutions that usually get nowhere. Instead of going for a vague and difficult to achieve resolution, opt for one with punch. Resolve to build your strength every day.

Commit to Train Every Day

Resolving to strength train every day doesn’t have to be a huge and time consuming commitment. Even ten minutes a day can help you to see results over the long haul. Don’t sweat the amount of time, simply make it your mission to get a workout in every day. If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up. Just get back on the horse the following day.

Pick a Part Every Day

Many people make the mistake of trying to hit all of the body areas each day or o strengthen one part at a time over a period of days. The problem is that you will feel sore and may be more likely to skip your workout in order to recover. If you train arms one day, then legs, then abs, you will see little signs of improvement everywhere. You will also feel strong enough to train legs if it has been a few days, even if your arms are sore.

Take Measurements

When focusing on strength training, going by the scale can be hugely deterrent. You will likely gain actual pounds, since muscle weighs more than fat. As the fat starts to turn to muscle, you will see your body begin to tone, however. Measuring yourself each day will give you a better snapshot of your progress, as you will see when your stomach starts to slim up an your arms start to swell.

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