Redefine Strong as a Strength Runner

download (2)Some people think of distance running andstrength training as two very different disciplines that don’t have very much to do with one another. In fact, many runners think that getting too bulky and muscular by lifting a bunch of weights will leave them less limber and think serious strength training will actually hinder their running progress. Conversely, many strength trainers feel that running will cause them to lose their hard-earned muscle mass. But there are a whole group of athletes known as strength runners who will disagree quite vigorously with those assessments.


The truth is, according to many strength runners, if you train properly and take proper care of your body there is no reason why you can’t have all the strength you desire and still feel lean and light enough to run long distances. With a proper program in place, the two can go hand in hand. The key to a strength and running training program, just like with any other workout program, is to take everything in moderation. Run three times per week to begin, and on a running day, make running your only focus. You can begin with a certain shorter distance as your goal and work your way up to longer runs. Then, on odd days, focus your workout on strength training. This way the endurance built up on your running days will help you with your strength training and all that muscle strength will help to fuel your runs.

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