Rebuilding Strength After a Broken Leg

download (2)Breaking a bone in your leg can be a devastating setback to your fitness routine, there’s no doubt about it. The pain and feeling of helplessness as you struggle to get around can leave you barely wanting to leave the house, let alone wanting to find ways to work out. And yet, it will benefit your overall fitness healthy and speed the recovery of your bone if you stay active and keep working out in any way you can. While you’re immobilized in a cast, work your upper body so you can maintain strength there. And before you know it you’ll be able to slowly start to work your leg again. Just make sure you don’t work out any sooner than your doctor says it’s okay. You don’t want to end up with a permanent injury.


Start Slowly

Once you’re cleared by your doctor to work your leg a bit, start out by isolating and strengthening certain muscle groups. To work your lower leg muscles, sit down and place a light barbell on top of your foot. Lift the barbell by raising and lowering your toes. This will work out your anterior tibialis in the front of your shin. Then, to work your calf muscles, place your feet on the floor and push up onto your toes to perform calf raises. Once you’re strong enough move from doing these exercises sitting down to doing them standing.


Once You’re Stronger

As your bone heals more fully and you’re feeling stronger, you can begin to regain strength in your thighs by doing some knee bends with your legs apart and your toes pointing forward. Go slowly and only go as low as you can comfortably bend. Begin by performing this with your body weight, then add a dumbbell for extra weight as you get stronger.

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