Push-ups as a Way to Build Strength

There are few exercises that are better for building overall upper body strength than the push-up. Push-ups exercise much morethan just the arms. Properly performed pushups provide exercise to just about the entire midsection of the body. Primarily, the muscles most worked by push-ups are the delts, the pecs, and the triceps. However, push-ups will also work to strengthen the abs, glutes, quads and more.

To perform a proper pushups, first lie on the ground face-down in a prone position. Then, put your arms on the ground palms flat at about shoulder width. Spread your legs so your feet are just as far apart, and push yourself up. After getting to the top, slowly lower yourself down, as different muscles are worked on the way down. While doing these exercises, make sure your legs and back remain straight, or else you could hurt yourself or cut into the efficiency of the exercise.
If you get to the point where regular push-ups are too simple for you, you can move your hands closertogether, which increases the amount of strength needed to get yourself up and down. You can also try performing the push-ups one-handed for an even greater challenge.
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