Proper Bench Press technique

ladders-max-outOne of the best overall weight training exercises is thebench press. This resistance exercise is known as a compound exercise, since it works the most muscle groups at once. Start with a fairly light weight that you can lift easily. Try to use a free weight set, as opposed to thefixed machines. There will be a special weight bench that is used specifically for the bench press. Load the weights on each end of the bar, which will be suspended over your head when you lay down. To begin the press, grip the bar at about shoulder width apart. Your arms will be slightly out of the lockout position. Breathing is very important in any weight lifting exercise. As you lift the bar off the rack, and start to lower it to your chest, slowly inhale. On the press upwards, slowly exhale until the bar is locked out above your eyes. Repeat this process for a set of ten repetitions. Rest for one minute, then do another set. Traditionally three sets of ten are performed on the bench press. Build those chest muscles!

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