Plank Position for Greater Abdominal Strength


Today we’re having a close look at plank position and one of the great ways that you can strengthen based on this posture. Specifically, this is an application of plank that increases abdominal strength. You may be familiar with plank position already – it’s essentially the same position that you get into when preparing to do a pushup. But instead of doing pushups out of plank, this exercise will tone your abdominal region – it’s hard work, but it may be sort of fun for you to perform too!

Plank Abdominal Strength Exercise

Start out in plank position.

For those of you unfamiliar with plank, set up like you were about to perform a pushup.

Your arms should be directly over your wrists and the entirety of your body should form a straight line.

From the tip of your head down to your heels you should be straight and rigid. Engage your abs to help you stay in this position and also to remind yourself of the muscle group that you’re focusing on.

Breath in and slowly shift your weight into your left foot. No slowly lift your right foot off of the ground, being sure to keep your leg straight.

Hold for one breath with your right foot off of the ground. Lower it back down and repeat on the left side.

Once you feel comfortable alternating with your legs, attempt the same technique with your upper body – lift your straightened arm out to the side, and then switch sides.

When you truly feel comfortable, alternate arms and legs at the same time. Always keep your core muscles engaged while you perform this exercise, and go slowly to avoid injury.

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