Perfect Pull-Ups

pull upThe pull-up is a great addition to any strength training regimen. It’s a challenging exercise that works many of the body’s muscle groups and it requires minimal equipment. Other than your own body weight, all that you will need to do a pull-up is a pull-up bar. Pull-up bars are cheap and can be easily installed in your home. Many of them are also capable of being removed when not in use, ensuring that your home doesn’t start looking like a health club. Once you’ve got your pull-up bar, here’s how to properly execute a pull-up.

A Pull-Up How-To

A traditional pull-up is done with your hands gripping the bar with your palms facing away from you. This is the sort of pull up we’ll focus on. So reach up and grip the bar, hands slightly wider apart than your shoulders. Tense up the muscles of your core and lower body. Now pull upwards, raising your body off the ground. Pull your body upwards until your chin is above the bar, or until you can’t pull yourself any higher. Now, slowly lower your body back down.

Things to Remember

  • For maximum effectiveness, be sure to keep your lower body as still as possible while completing this exercise.
  • Pull-ups are difficult. If you can’t complete a pull-up at first, that’s okay. Stand on a chair and begin in a position halfway through a pull-up, using your legs to support some of your weight. Then, just pull yourself up from there.
  • Despite their difficulty, pull-ups are a great indicator of your overall level of strength. If you’re struggling, keep in mind that to achieve one or more pull-ups is to make significant overall strength gains.
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