Most Important Strength Training Exercises

dumbbell-push-pressEven if you are a gym rat that absolutely loves to get in there and work your body regularly, it is important for you to know that not all exercises are created equal. There are a few select exercises that can help you to strengthen and tone all of your muscles, helping to simultaneously burn fat and calories faster. There is no reason for you to give up your favorites, but you should definitely make sure that these couple exercises get incorporated into the rotation regularly.


Deadlifts hit every major muscle group-and hard. There are few exercises that can give you as great of an impact in as little time as deadlifts. Deadlifts also cause testosterone to be released in men and can cause lower levels to be released in women, which can help with muscle building and energy levels.

Loaded Carries

There are several different types of loaded carries and all of them cause you to stand straight in good posture, working the muscles from the feet to the shoulders with emphasis on the core and arms. In the farmers’ carry, you hold your arms down at your sides and carry weights at your side. Kettlebells work great with this because they allow your arms o assume a more natural position than dumbbells. Actively push your arms down as you move forward.
Waiters’ carries work a different set of muscles in the arms, as you have to hold the weights in your arms as you hold your arms in a straight up, locked out position. You can work one side at a time or both sides at the same time.

Dumbbell Push Press

Again, this exercise works so well because you are using multiple muscle groups simultaneously and stabilizing your core at the same time. The dumbbell push press is basically a combination of weighted squats and overhead presses. You squat with the dumbbells held by your shoulders and use the momentum of standing to aid you in an overhead press.

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