Mix Your Cardio with Strength Training to Burn Fat


Making strength training the bulk of your workout and ending with cardio can help you to burn fat faster. For best results, follow a 40 or 45 minute workout session with about five to 10 minutes on an exercise bike or Elliptical. Make sure to rest thoroughly in between sets, with a recommended rest period of about twice the amount of time spent working out to allow you to put forth your fullest effort.

Alternate Between Pushes and Pulls

To get the most from your workout and help avoid injury, alternate between pushing exercises and pulling exercises. Rotate and work different areas of the body, too, so that one area has time to rest while another area is worked. For example, you might do squats, followed by pushups, followed by rows.

Workout for Longer Sets

If you follow the rest recommendation and rest twice as long as you workout, you should be able to perform much longer sets. Don’t hold back on the power, work as hard as you can for as long as you can during sets. Selecting a weight that is challenging but not unreasonable will help you to build muscle fast.

Monitor Heart Rate

During sets, make sure that you are getting up to your target heart rate using a heart rate monitor. This will help you to stay in your maximum fat burning zone, even while doing strength training. Waiting until you are in the 0-75% range of your max heart rate to start another set can help you to truly get the most from your workout, as you have cooled down to a point where you will be able to produce more power and sustain longer sets.

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