Master That Medicine Ball

images (20)Did you know that one of the oldest pieces of exercise equipment on the planet is still regularly being used in gyms and homes across the globe to help people tone and strengthen? No, I’m not talking about some sort of Medieval rack, I’m talking about the brilliantly simple yet effective medicine ball. Ever since Hippocrates (you know, the guy behind the hippocratic oath?) helped his patients go through physical therapy after accidents by filling animal skins with sand, like, thousands of years ago the medicine ball has been a crucial part of many strength training workouts.


Lunge and Twist

Lunges are a surefire way to strengthen those legs, certainly, and when you do them with a medicine ball in your hands you’re upping the intensity quite a bit. Medicine balls come in all different weights, be sure to not start with one that is too heavy and risk injury. Hold the medicine ball at chest level with both hands and go down into alternating lunges. As you do, extend your arms out in front of you and twist your arms and torso, turning the medicine ball to the side. When you lunge with your right leg, twist to the right, when you lunge on the left, twist to the left.


Squat Press With Throw

You may have seen this move being done in the workout sessions on “The Biggest Loser,” it’s a favorite of that show’s trainers. You do a squat with your heels grounded holding the medicine ball in both hands in front of you at chest level. As you propel yourself up and out of your squat you’re going to jump straight up and throw the medicine ball straight up. Then step back quickly to let in drop in front of you. The leather medicine ball won’t bounce but this move will do a number on your arms, legs and core.

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