Lunges for Quad Strength


If you’re a guy, you’re probably obsessed with developing a cut upper body. As a result, you may not focus enough on strengthening your legs. If you’re a girl, chances are you’remore focused on your legs than on your upper body. Well guess what? You’ll never be truly fit unless you focus on all of the major muscle groups of the body!

Today we’re looking at lunges. But today’s variety provides more of an isometric sort of workout. This means you’ll get into a lunge position and then remain in this position for a number of breaths. In this way, you’ll keep your leg muscles contracted for an extended period of time. In plyometric lunges, your legs undergo a number of rapid contraction and relaxation sequences. Plyometric lunges are good too – but variety is the spice of not getting burnt out!

Isometric Lunges

Begin in plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders.

Draw your right foot up so that it is framed between your two hands.

Flex out through the ball of your left foot.

As you breathe in, lift your upper body off of your right knee, rising up until your upper body is fully upright.

Make sure your back is straight and your neck is relaxed.

Your right knee should be aligned directly above your right ankle.

Your left hamstring and calf should be engaged.

Push out through your left leg, but also continue to engage your right quad.

Either rest your hands on your right quad, or lift them straight up in the air next to your ears.

Hold for ten breaths, then switch sides.

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