Lunge Your Way to Lower Body Strength Without a Gym

If you are like many and cannot afford a gymmembership but still want an opportunity to get healthy, you should consider a bodyweight workout routine. When it comes to training the lower body, lunges are agreat way to get the exercise you need using your bodyweight as resistance.
As with any lower body workout, it is important that you maintain proper form in your lunges to keep your joints from getting strained. To do this, make sure your upper body is straight the whole time you are doing lunges. Stare in front of you rather than looking down so you can be sure your spine is in proper alignment. Once you are in the proper position, put one leg in front of you and bend your body down until both legs are at a roughly ninety degree angle. Then, with your weight still in your heels, lift yourself back up to a starting position. You can perform this exercise with weights in your hands if you want more of a challenge, and can combine it with walking to allow yourself to cover distances at the same time. Whichever way you prefer to do them, lunges are a great way to keep your lower body strong.
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