Learning the Rest-Pause Training Method

download (3)When people decide to get serious about theirstrength training they often decide to go for the gusto and begin lifting as much weight as they can safely lift for as long as they can physically handle it. These types of strength workouts have a few different names such as drop sets, where you lift a heavy amount of weight to the point of “failure” meaning you can’t lift anymore and then drop some of the weight from the bar as you go. Another technique is doing supersets, where you work out a specific muscle group with two or more successive reps without rest. But there is another technique that is wholly different from these but that can really help you get strong faster than you might think. They’re called rest-pause sets and they’re a great way to go if you’re looking to step up your strength training.


The rest-pause technique breaks down your weight lifting set into mini sets where you take a break between each short set. This way you can up your weight without pushing yourself to the point of injury. The idea behind rest-pause sets is that if you’re doing a very low amount of reps with short, built-in breaks you’ll be able to handle more weight, and it works. The recommended method for getting started with rest-pause is to choose a weight that is just a bit lighter than what you can lift for one rep, maybe 85-90% of that weight. Do one rep with that weight, then rest for 30 seconds, then do another rep. Repeat this method up to 10 times. The rest-pause method will help you get used to lifting heavy weight faster.

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