Identify Your Weaknesses and Strengthen Them


When it comes to doing pretty much anything, everyone wants to do the things that they are already good at. Exercising your strengths is easy and fun! Exercising your weaknesses is a challenge. A challenge is a good thing, though. It’s only by challenging yourself that you will ever grow and improve.

Work Different Areas

One thing that programs like P90X get right is that they force you to work different muscles all of the time. Working different areas keeps you from overworking one area and underworking another area. This is something that you have probably seen a ton of times if you have ever been to a gym-people continuing to work overdeveloped areas while ignoring areas that really need work. Don’t fall into the trap! Identify the areas of your body that need to be worked out and go to it!

Do Different Exercises

It is not enough to identify the body areas that need to be worked and then just do your favorite three exercises every time. You have to really switch it up in order to continue to make gains. While two different exercises may seem to be working the same area, there is likely to be some small difference that causes you to work another area in addition to the main one, giving you greater gains when you do both instead of just one.

Use Your Annoyance As a Guide

Exercises that are not easy for you are apt to annoy you. This is a good indication that you are on the right track to figure out what will give you the greatest gains. If you find yourself dreading an exercise, it is probably because you are working muscles in a way they are not used to being worked.

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