How To Build Strength from Farm Chores


Going to the gym and working out isn’t the only way to build strength. In an age when farming was the main way of life, very few people were obese and most people were very strong. If you live on a farm, there are some easy ways to build strength while helping with the daily needs. There are even classes that meet on farms so that instructors can show fitness connoisseurs how to get fit using the equipment and tools readily at hand on a farm.

Lifting Tractor Tires

One of the most popular exercises that is seen whenever farm strength meets gym strength is lifting tractor tires. Tractor tires can weight upwards of 500 pounds. Tractor tires cannot be lifted like dumbbells or barbells, however. Due to the shape and size of tractor tires, lifting must be done using the full body, incorporating a lot of little muscles that don’t come into play when lifting something that is not as awkwardly shaped.

Deep Squats to Build Strength

Deep squats have shown to build muscle in the legs, build strength, and prevent injuries. Deep squats are when you drop so far that your buttocks actually touch your heels. Squats are a normal part of daily life on a farm, at least an old-style farm. Milking cows, stocking hay bales, and many other regular activities require squats.

Real Life Strength

Often called “real life strength” as opposed to “gym strength,” building muscle through daily repetitions consistent with farm life has shown to last much longer and be more effective when real strength is needed. This is shown in movies like “Rocky,” but it is also time tested every day as gym rats go up against farm boys. Building strength daily by taking on heavy-duty tasks can help you bulk up, stay strong, and really use the strength when it is needed.

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