Hit a Strength Training Wall? Try Climbing a Wall

imagesSure, you know by now that strength training is a crucial, pretty much mandatory part of any serious fitness regimen. But that doesn’t change the fact that sometimes the routine upper body workouts of weight lifting, push-ups, pull-ups and the like can get incredibly boring from time to time. The key to success at time like these, when your daily workout routine becomes just a little TOO routine, is to find something that is new, fun, exciting and challenging. And when it comes to strength training, rock climbing is about as fun, exciting and challenging as it gets.


Don’t worry, we’re not exactly suggesting that you strap on the grappling hooks and tackle a steep, vertical rock surface, at least not at first of course. No, if you’re interested in changing up your strength training a bit you can tackle the fun and excitement of rock climbing without the, you know, death risk part. Just take yourself down to your local gym with a rock climbing wall and sign up for some classes. And don’t be fooled, climbing a rock wall may feel tame compared to the real thing, but we guarantee after you’ve spent an hour hauling your entire body weight up a vertical wall using your fingertips, toes and sheer strength, you’ll be well aware of its effectiveness for days to come. Rock climbing presents endless challenges to improve and to push yourself further; you’re not going to get bored easily once you’ve added this workout to your strength training routine.

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