Heavy Lifting = Bulk in Women Is a Myth

images (1)I think by now we all know that the marketingdone toward women on behalf of the fitness industry isn’t necessarily what women should be hearing, nor is it necessarily true, and that’s putting it mildly. Women are told many lies in the pursuit of the diet industry being able to make a buck, so many in fact that we won’t even begin to go into them all here. But among the very most annoying and potentially damaging to women’s overall fitness is the lie that if they lift heavy weights they are going to become big and bulky like men instead of lean and toned and feminine, which is, of course, what they all want to be, right?


First of all, I know it’s hard to believe, diet industry, but there ARE women out there who caremore about being healthy and strong than being “skinny.” Thin isn’t the only goal for many of today’s health conscious women. But, even if it were, it is a complete myth and fallacy to believe that lifting heavy weight is going to make a woman too bulky. There are a whole lot of women who won’t lift anything heavier than a few pound dumbbell and even worse there are a whole lot of trainers out there telling women not to lift anything heavier. But lifting weights, yes, even heavy weights won’t bulk you up. Diets, supplements and a carefully tailored program is how women bulk up for bodybuilding. Lifting weights only makes you stronger. And a strong muscle isn’t necessarily a big muscle. But strength can help you look and feel lean. So don’t fear the weights, ladies!

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