Gain Upper Body Strength using Dumbbells

The best way to gain upper body strength is by lifting weights. Weights are available in several different styles ranging from products made as dumbbells to those designed for use with bench presses. Women can often gain strength in their upper bodies by using the hand held dumbbells which come in varying weights. The exercises performed using these weights will include side arm lifts, front arm curls and over the head arm extensions. In order to build strength, the amount of weight used for the exercises needs to gradually increase.

Some people prefer working with a specific weight set until they feel their muscles are strong enough to move onto the next weight. Some professional weight trainers use an alternating method which utilizes different weight sets in one exercise routine. By switching between lesser and greater weights, the muscles need to be engaged at all times during the workout. When performing the movements with the arms, people can choose to sit or stand. A padded incline bench can also be used to help facilitate the movements of the butterfly arm curl, which is an outward side movement. The muscles gain strength through the repetitive motion used while holding the weights.
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