Flutter Kicks for Lower Abs


If you’re a fitness connoisseur, you know that a full six pack is one of the holy grails sought by workout enthusiasts. We’re not talking about a six pack of beverages, of course – we mean the abdominal muscles located on the front of the torso. If you’re going to show off your six pack this summer, you’re going to have to do cardio to burn off stomach fat. But when you finally burn off that fat, you want there to be shapely muscles underneath. This flutter kick exercise works the lower abdominals as well as the hip flexors – two areas of the body that often get left out of other abdominal exercises.

How to Flutter Kick

Lie down on the end of a workout bench with your hands palm down under your butt. If you don’t have a workout bench, you can lie on the floor – it’ll just limit your range of motion a bit.

Extend your legs straight out in front of you and make sure that your arms are pressed against your sides.

With your toes pointed and legs slightly bent, raise your right leg until it is about 35 degrees off the floor.

Slowly lower it back down. As you get close to your starting position, begin to lift your left leg.

When done correctly, your legs should look like they’re performing the sort of flutter kick a swimmer would do in the water.

If you’re doing this exercise on the floor, be sure not to lower your leg all the way to the floor on the way down between strokes – it should hover just above the surface.

Aim for 30 second sets when performing this exercise.

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