Five Reasons You Should Strength Train


Strength training is a turn of phrase often used by fitness enthusiasts, but strength training can be beneficial to everyone. The following are five reasons that you should start strength training today!

  1. You’ll burn calories

Strength training can obviously help you burn calories while you’re doing it, but it can also help you burn calories when you’re not. It takes more calories for your body to support muscle than fat, so your body will automatically burn more calories daily when you accumulate more muscle mass.

  1. Everything physical will be easier

Strength training your arms, legs, and core makes everything physical easier to do. Picking up the groceries, cleaning the house, standing for long periods of time at work, you name it, everything gets a little easier. Even getting out of bed in the morning or up off of the couch becomes physically easier when your muscles are stronger.

  1. Stress will be easier to handle

Physical exertion helps the body to release tension and anxiety, lowering your stress levels. When you work out, your body also releases endorphins that can help to improve your mood.

  1. You will preserve your health

Strength training regularly can have major benefits for your health. Your bones will become stronger because of the resistance, your body will be able to better regulate your blood sugar and help protect against diabetes, your heart will stay strong, and you will have an easier time staying away from obesity related conditions. You may also help to strengthen your immune system by keeping everything flowing.

  1. Sleep will come easier

Investing your strength in training exercises will wear you out, so sleep is bound to come easier. Strength training has also been shown to help with insomnia and prevent sleep apnea.

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