Easy Upper Body Strength Exercises

Having good upper body strength is part of having abalanced, toned physique. There are many simple chest exercises that can increase upper body strength. Doing 3 sets of 10 reps of the following easy chest and upper body exercises will guarantee an increase in strength for the upper portion of your body.


Pushups are a part of every good upper body exercise regimen. To do a proper pushup, start by getting in the right position. Your weight should be distributed evenly between your toes and your hands, with your legs and back in a straight line. Raise and lower your body by only bending your elbows, keeping your body straight.

Diamond pushups, with your hands together and your fingers and thumbs making a “diamond” shape, will put extra strain making for a more challenging pushup.

For those who do not have the upper body strength to do a proper or more challenging pushup, there are modified pushups- with your knees as the pivot point. Pushups are a perfect and simple way to increase upper body strength, as they require no equipment, just a comfortable place to perform the exercise.

Bench Press

For great shoulder and chest strength, the bench press is a gym staple. If you have a bench press at home, or have access to one at the gym, this easy exercise should become a part of your upper body strength routine.

Lie down on the flat bench, and grip the weighted barbell with hands shoulder width apart. Press the bar bell straight, up and down. Remember to never arch your back- always keep your body straight.

Upper Body Strength Is Easy To Achieve

As long as upper body exercises are completed safely and properly, gaining more upper body strength is a relatively easy endeavor. By doing daily reps of pushups and bench presses, a stronger upper body is in the near future!

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