Don’t Skip Leg Day!

dont-skip-leg-dayAh, the dreaded leg day, when you suddenly turn your legs to jelly for the rest of the week. After an intense leg day a few weeks in a row, it can be tempting to skip leg day. However, the internet will warn you of the dangers of skipping leg day with a few hilarious photos of buff guys that “skipped leg day”- sporting buff upper bodies and six packs for days, with twiggy gams to sport the whole package. To get the most of your leg day follow a few tips to avoid the phenomenon of jelly legs for days after.

Make Leg Day on a Weekend

If you know that your legs will be hurting after leg day, wizen up and make leg day a weekend day. There is no rule in place that says leg day has to be on a Tuesday or Thursday, so save it for when you can adequately rest and recover so that you are less tempted to skip it all together. You can also split leg day into two different days and work out at medium intensity to get a better rounded week and keep the momentum alive.

Focus More on Multi-Joint Moves

Leg exercises that work multiple joints, such as lunges, squats, and step-ups hits the hamstrings, glutes, and quads are more effective at whole-body training than extensions and curls. These exercises train multiple muscle groups, so you get stronger faster. These particular workouts also help to put all the right curves in all the right places-no matter who you are trying to impress.

Bring Your Core into It

The best leg exercises will engage the core as much as the legs. Hitting the legs without the core is asking for trouble, as leg strength is becomes limited by the lack of a sturdy core. For results that hit both, try squatting with weights or just keeping the abs engaged while doing lunges. You will notice yourself getting stronger, faster and avoiding the embarrassing “chicken leg” phenomenon.

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