Do You Have a Strength Training Plan?

downloadWe spend a lot of time in this section talking about specific equipment and workout moves that you should be using in your strength training routine. But, if you’re new to the world of strength training, or even if you’ve been training for a while and you want to get more organized and dedicated, then what you really need is a comprehensive strength training plan that you can follow step by step in order to get the results you want. Heading into the weight room and lifting everything in sight is one way to go, but if you’re serious you need a plan so you can monitor your progress, and most importantly so you can check off each goal as you reach them and assign yourself new goals to meet in your strength training. Without these goals you’ll likely grow bored or frustrated if you’re only judging your success based on what you can see in your body.


If you want to set up your own strength training plan that’s great, but if you would like the opinion of a professional you should consult with a trainer at your local gym. You don’t need to work with him all the time, just let him help you lay out your plan; many trainers will consult with people for free as part of their gym membership. First, determine what you can now lift in every exercise and set realistic goals to work toward. And don’t just decide “I can now lift ____, I want to be able to lift ____.” Get more specific with your goals; give yourself an end date when you would like to reach this goal and know the increments in which you’ll work toward it. Lay out your weekly strength training schedule and be sure to begin with the lifts that are most important to you so you’ll have the most energy for those. Focus on trouble areas first. Add in some compound lifts so you get the most bang for your buck time and energy wise and be sure to account for rest time between each exercise. A well organized training plan is the key to success!

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