Dips for Upper Body Strengthening


If you’re looking for an exercise that will tone and strengthen your upper body, dips may be a good place for you to focus your time and energy. In some ways, dips can be compared to the common pushup – they work a number of different muscle groups and don’t require much in the way of equipment. If performed correctly, dips will strengthen your triceps, deltoids, pectorals and back muscles. Further variations can target your core as well. So put down the chips and dip and do some dips instead.

Doing Dips

In order to perform dips, you technically need a dip bar. You’ll find these at your local health club. However, if you want to do dips and don’t have this equipment available, you may be alright doing dips using what you have available. Essentially, the important part is two sturdy surfaces which are one body width away from each other, hip high and can hold your body weight without any problems. However, be careful and when in doubt, only perform this exercise at a gym using a dip bar.

Stand between your two handles. Grab one with each hand.

Engage your upper body, especially your arms.

Now lift your feet off the floor, taking all of your body weight onto your hands.

With knees bent, bend your arms so that you “dip” down towards the floor.

Now straighten your arms again, coming back to your starting position.

Don’t dip too far until you’re familiar with this exercise – otherwise you increase your risk of injury.


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