Dead Bug for the Core

Dead Bug Exercise

The “dead bug” is a core strengthening exercise. Predictably enough, it got its name as a result of the fact that when you do it, you resemble a dead bug – on your back, arms and legs in the air. There are several different ways to perform the dead bug – we advise you start out with less complicated versions and then work your way up to more taxing ones. Take it slow and enjoy the burn!

How to do the Dead Bug

Lie down on a mat. You should be flat on your back with your arms at your sides and legs flat and straight.

Now press the small of your back into the floor and engage your core.

Lift your arms up so that they’re pointed straight up and are perpendicular to the rest of your flat body.

Now slowly lower your straightened right arm behind your head, bringing it down until it is within an inch of the floor. You should feel your core engaging as it works to keep your arm off of the floor.

Now bring your right arm back to an upright position and repeat this movement with your left.


That’s the basic idea. Once you’re comfortable performing this exercise using your arms, try doing it using your legs. Follow the same instructions as for your arms.

Then once you’re really feeling like a pro, incorporate arms and legs simultaneously – you’ll want to lower your left arm while you lower your right leg so that your body stays stable

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