Chair Dips for Arm and Shoulder Strength

Chair Dips Exercise

There are millions of gadgets out there which promise to leave you with a cut physique – and many of them will. But people have been exercising for thousands of years, and lacking access to the newest workout equipment should be no excuse for would-be fitness connoisseurs.  So today we’re having a look at a triceps and deltoid strengthening exercise which requires that you possess nothing more than a chair. If you lack even a chair, we assume you’ve got bigger problems on your hands than just getting in shape. Give this chair dips exercise a try today, and don’t be surprised if by tomorrow your upper body is reminding you that you did it!

Chair Dips Exercise

Start out with a sturdy chair. (Or really, anything other than a super rickety chair.)

Stand as you would if you were about to sit down in the chair.

Now bend your legs 90 degrees at the knee as you reach back and grab the chair so that one hand is gripping each side of the seat. Your arms should be fully extended.

Now slowly lower your butt towards the ground, engaging your arms as you bend at the elbow.

As you get close to a 90 degree angle at the elbow, push your arms back up to a straight position, raising your lower body back up in the process.

That’s it! Shoot for 6 reps or so.

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