Butt Toning Donkey Kicks


Alright, we grant that the donkey kick sounds like a pretty odd exercise. But it’s actually pretty straightforward to perform. Better yet, it’ll help you develop a sculpted backside. And since it’s coming up on beach season, we figure this is a goal you were looking to reach about two months ago!

Although donkey kicks and exercises like it will help you to tone and sculpt your posterior, keep in mind that in order to see results, you’ll probably also have to do cardio. Sculpting exercises are only half the battle – moremuscle definition means less fat, and in order to burn fat… you guessed it. Cardio. But enough nagging. Time to get your butt in gear.

Donkey Kicks Directions

Begin on hands and knees, arms directly beneath shoulders and legs directly beneath hips. You may want to do this on a mat.

Keeping your left knee bent and the muscles in the left leg flexed, lift your leg up so that your knee is raised to hip level. You will absolutely know if you’re doing this correctly – your butt and lower back will bespeaking to you.

Slowly lower your knee back down toward its starting position – stop before you actually touch your knee to the floor.

Raise your left knee back up and repeat the exercise.

Aim for fifteen reps on this side, then switch to the other leg.

If you experience lower back stiffness after doing this exercise, go a bit easier next time and maybe don’t raise your knee quite as high.

Okay, now go do some cardio!

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