Bodyweight Training

images (2)When we think of strength training, for many of us that means getting in the gym and lifting weights. But when you really analyze what weights do for us, they simply add weight and especially provide resistance as we work out our muscles. And along those lines, we can get all the resistance and weight we need to work with by using our own body weight. Bodyweight training is great because it’s convenient and can be done anywhere at all, the exercises require no expensive equipment, and when you’re relying on your own bodyweight for resistance you don’t run as much of a risk of lifting too much weight and injuring yourself.


Push-up Variations

In order to get the most bodyweight training out of some basic push-ups play around with some variations on traditional push-ups. Elevating your hands or feet onto surfaces of different height will allow you to work different muscles in your arms, chest and shoulders, focusing the work where you want it and using your own weight as resistance. Don’t forget to place your hands at various widths as well to get the most from your push-ups.


Pull-up Variations

You can invest in a tension bar to hang in a doorway for a lot less than you’re going to spend on a set of weights, and for a lot less money as well. Pull-ups are one of the most straightforward and effective ways of building up your shoulders, arms and especially your back. You can isolate and work on different areas of your back by adding knee lifts and side to side twists to your pull-ups.

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