Best Way to Improve Bench Press – Muscle Building Exercise Tips!

The best way to improve your weight on the bench press is to make sure you adhere to proper form in the first place. Adding too much weight too quickly can damage your body and confidence, leading to setbacks that negate the progress you have made on the exercise.

The following tips can help you gradually increase your press total to develop stronger biceps and triceps and improve general fitness:

Proper Form

When attempting to complete a bench press, remember to keep the elbows tucked in to your side and use your whole body to help with the press. If you try to “chicken wing” your elbows to lift too much weight, you can damage your arms, back and neck.

Find an acceptable weight for you to complete the press in proper form for the desired number of repetitions. You may be surprised how fast you will increase the amount of weight.

Work the Body

The bench press is a lift that requires power and strength from the whole body. A good bench press cannot be completed with arm strength alone.

Your back, legs, chest and hips must work together to complete the lift, so make sure these areas of the body are in proper shape when getting serious about the bench press. Back exercises are key.  A weak back can fail you at the height of a bench press, which can be a catastrophe.

It is best to work other areas of the body before beginning the bench press, as this gives your muscles time to stretch and get prepared for the serious work that is about to take place.

Straight Up

If you have too much wobble in the bar, you are getting a poor lift and will never improve your weight totals. There should only be enough weight on the bar for you to be able to lift it straight in the air and hold this position for at least two seconds.

You can lock your arms at the height of the lift but this puts extra strain on your elbows. The lift should be one fluid motion, with no jerking or shifting.

Try Again

It is only natural for those starting out in the gym to try and go for a lot of weight when attempting to perform a bench press. Those that want to get a stronger body want it quickly, so some may risk injury by not using proper form and adding too much weight.

If you struggle with the bench press, do not give up. Simply reduce the weight and stick to good form. The added weight will come with patience and time. These steps can help anyone interested in developing a better body through muscle building.

Be smart, stay safe and have a fantastic workout!

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