Backside Toning



With beach season rapidly approaching, it’s time that you got back to work working your backside. Here’s a great strengthening exercise that’ll work your butt and your hips – you’ll be sporting a well-rounded physique in no time if you stick with this exercise. For more posterior strengthening options, have a look through our other strengthening posts!

The Fire Hydrant

It may seem a bit silly, but this exercise is called the fire hydrant. This is because when you do this exercise correctly, you’ll resemble a dog that is marking their territory. Set aside the embarrassment that this comparison brings on and you’ll feel this exercise working your butt almost immediately.

How to do the Fire Hydrant

Grab an exercise mat.

Begin on hands and knees, hands directly below shoulders and toes turned under. Keep your neckrelaxed.

As you inhale, bring your bent right leg off of the ground and out to the side. Lift your knee up towards the side as high as you can.

You’ll likely immediately feel your right buttock and hip working to hold up the weight of your leg.

Hold for two seconds and slowly lower your leg back down and in to its starting position as you exhale.

Repeat on the other side. Aim for twenty reps each, but remember to focus on form before rep number.

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