Arched Back Pull-ups





Fitness Connoisseurs already know how amazing pull-ups are at working the entire upper body, increasing definition in the arms and back.  Arched-back pull-ups take those advantages and multiply them. An arched-back pull-up can be done by placing a neutral grip seated row handle over a pull-up bar so that the handles are facing in the same direction as the bar. Just using this handle to do the pull-up will put the body in the position to do arched-back pull-ups. On each rep, the chest should come up to the bar. The back and legs should be in a line, almost parallel to the floor.

Archedback pull-ups engage the core muscles and lats, making for a much more thorough upper-body work-out. This exercise works more areas of the other body than most other work-outs making it a high-impact, high-intensity work-out that helps to build strength. Arched back pull-ups also add muscle mass in the back and shoulders, so these can be a welcome addition to weight-lifting and kettle bell work-outs. Results show pretty quickly after mastering the arched-back pull-up, which is always encouraging. While this may be a difficult exercise for those that are out of shape, attempting as many reps as possible will help to quickly build muscle and it will soon become easier, especially as the results begin to show.

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