Add Dumbbells to Strength Train While You Do Cardio

images (4)We all know when you’re looking to get stronger and to We all know when you’re looking to get stronger and to tone your muscles, training with weights is going to do that faster and more effectively than anything else. However, on a busy day when you don’t have time to get in both a cardio workout and some strength training with weights, you can always get a little strength training burst by using some dumbbells while you do your cardio workout. Of course, we all know that lightweight dumbbells don’t ever take the place of lifting some heavier weights in order to tone and strengthen, but dumbbells can and will add some extra weight so you can work on building those muscles while you do your aerobic workout.


Any cardio activity, from walking to high-impact aerobics can be made more challenging by carrying some hand weights. Begin with light dumbbells that weigh between one and three pounds and go up from there as you are able. If you’ve been lifting weights for a while and are strong, you may want to challenge yourself and work with dumbbells that weigh in between three and five pounds. The important thing when you’re doing cardio with weights is that you don’t work with too much weight. It’s different than lifting weights while you’re standing with your feet planted and still; you want to work with weights that are light enough that you won’t hurt your back. So, in addition to your regular weight lifting routine, add some hand weights to your cardio and pump up that strength training even more.

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