Abs with Weights



Beach season may not be right around the corner yet, but maybe your rock hard abs aren’t either. Even if you’ve been training hard all winter, it’s important that you’re always changing up your routine in order to stay hungry and keep your muscles challenged. Adding weights to your core workout can be an effective way to increase your abdominal strength and potentially jumpstart your path towards a beach-ready physique. You may already add weight to crunches or sit-ups, but that can get boring. So without further ado, here are a couple of interesting core exercises with added weight incorporated.


Grab a five or ten pound dumbbell.

Stand with your left leg straight and your right leg out at about a thirty degree angle from your body’scenter line. Hold the weight in both hands above your head with your arms straight and slightly angled towards the left side of the body.

Now swing the weight down diagonally across the body towards your right hip with your arms straight. Simultaneously lift your right knee off the ground to meet it.

Now retract your limbs back to their starting position and repeat.

Aim for one minute sets on each side.

Think “Rockettes” with your leg movement, and “canoe paddling” with your arms. Put them together and you’ve got the Woodchop, a good aerobic exercise and effective abdominal and oblique toner.

Plank Leg and Arm Extension

Start in plank position.

Now grab a weight your left hand.

Hold your left arm out in front of you and your right leg elevated and out straight behind you, allowing your other two limbs to support your body weight.

Now bend your left arm and right leg, bending them in towards your core.

Straighten back out and repeat. Shoot for twenty reps on this side, then switch.

If you’ve got leg weights around that you can strap on, by all means, go for it! Just don’t add too much weight as this might stress your lower back.

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