Ab Strengthening Exercise

Captain's Chair Leg Raises

Today might be your first introduction to the captain’s chair. Maybe you’ve seen this handyworkout tool at your local gym. The good newsis, you don’t have to be a ranking officer to make use of it. The bad newsis, it’ll help you to achieve ripped abs – just kidding – that’s good news too! Here’s a great exercise that’ll get you using the captain’s chair, your entire core, and also your oblique muscles.

Captain’s Chair Leg Raises

-Safety first. When using the captain’s chair, avoid swinging your legs too quickly. Doing so can cause you to overtax your core muscles and potentially pull something.

-Now stand flat against the back of the captain’s chair with your legs straight on the floor, your arms flat on the armrests, and your hands gripping the handles.

-Contract your abs as you lift your legs off of the ground, bending your knees as you draw them towards your chest.

-Be sure not to arch your back or swing your legs to gain momentum.

-Lower your legs slowly back to the ground.

-Perform 1-3 sets of around 12 reps.

This exercise is taxing, but the gains attached to doing it correctly are substantial. In order to see strength gains and not risk an injury, it’s important that you push yourself without sacrificing form or trying to execute leg raises too quickly. Once you get the hang of doing this exercise and using the captain’s chair, there are plenty of different variations you can do that will keep you challenged and engaged.

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