3 Barbell Exercises That Work Your Whole Body

The barbell is a wonderful piece of equipment that can help to increase your strength, balance, and coordination. Just to lift the barbell off the ground and get it into a usable position requires you to use many muscle groups. The following exercises can help to give you a good full body exercise that can help to get you evenly toned and well on your way to becoming fitter and stronger.

Barbell Squats


Squats are already the king of exercises, but add a barbell and you’ve really got a good workout going on. To start, place the barbell on your shoulders, behind your head. Squat down with a slow, calculated motion, keeping your back flat. Lean forward slightly if your heels are unstable at the bottom of the move, but be careful not to let your knees lock. Return to the original position and perform several repitions.

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