100 Reps to Shock the Arms

push-downs-100-repsWhen strength training, the widely accepted standard is to do 8-10 reps for each set and rest. If you want to mix up your routine and give your arms maximum bulk, though, try switching it up to 100 reps per set for the whole workout, two days a week for a few weeks. Doing this huge number of reps will help you push your pain and endurance barriers through the roof, which will spill over to all the other workout that you do. Doing high reps also improves your circulation and makes it possible to push through the growth barrier.

Inclined Dumb Bell Curls

Sit on a weight bench at a 30-40 degree incline with dumb bells of the desired weight near each hand. Pick up the weight underhand, so the palms are facing up. Lift the weights simultaneously. As you lower the weights, keep a bend in the elbows and control the descent. Lift for 100 reps, or until failure and then rest three minutes.

Triceps Rope Press-Downs

On the machine used for pushdowns, attach the rope to a high pulley and set the desired weight. Keep the back straight and lean slightly forward, grabbing the rope at shoulder width apart with palms facing inward. Keep the upper arms straight and the forearms parallel to the ground to start. Push the rope down by extending the arms at the elbow until the arms are completely straight. Pause for one second before returning the arms to the starting position. Repeat for 100 reps.

Cable Concentration Curls

Place a flat bench in front of a low pulley cable machine. Attach a straight bar to the low pulley cable and select the desired weight. Sit at the end of the bench with feet shoulder width apart. Grasp the bar with palms facing up. Rest the elbows on the knees to lock the elbows in place. Curl the bar up as far as possible, with control. Pause at the top of the rep and slowly lower the bar back down to the starting position. Repeat for 100 reps.

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